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eRestro - Single Vendor Restaurant Flutter App | Food Ordering App with Admin Panel | Web Version - 19

eRestro - Single Vendor Restaurant Flutter App | Food Ordering App with Admin Panel | Web Version - 21

Dynamic & Vibrant Home Screen

Experience user-friendly design makes it a joy to explore diverse menu and discover tempting dining sections smoothly.

  • Versatile Sliders
  • Category
  • Dual Search Text & Voice

Product Page

Detail information about the products. you must choose Different Variations, Extra Add-on before add to Cart

Cart Management

Explore a curated collection of your selected dishes, with the Delivery and self pickup section effortlessly organized and ready for culinary journey and making the ordering process easy.

Diversify Payment Methods

Choose your way to pay with a variety of payment options, making seamless transactions with personalized convenience.

Live Tracking

Real-time tracking provides live updates on an object’s location and status, enabling instant progress notifications and direct communication with the delivery person via call.

Order Sectio

Ongoing Orders Keep tabs on your current Delicious foods, eagerly awaiting your palate. Order History Relive your delightful journeys, from order to enjoyment

Order Details

Delivery Verification OTP Invoice Download Delivery Location Bill Summary

Profile Management

Manage customers with complete control over their data, preferences, and personalized settings, enhancing their dining journey

Multiple Language & RTL Supports

It allows comprehensive language options and seamlessly accommodates right-to-left text orientations, enhancing its global accessibility.

Wallet: Effortless Financial Management

  • Add funds securely via multiple payment options.
  • Withdraw funds as needed.
  • View transaction history for transparency.
  • Simplify payments within the app for a seamless experience.

    Advanced Search Option

    Allows customers to find items in two convenient ways. They can simply type in keywords for a Text-based Search, or use Voice Commands for a hands-free search experience.

    Multiple Addresses

    Customers can easily add and manage multiple addresses. Simplifies ordering as they can choose the most suitable delivery address for each order, offering enhanced convenience and flexibility.

    Rider App

    Comprehensive Rider Dashboard

    Introducing the Rider Dashboard Your ultimate delivery control center. Gain insights, manage orders, track earnings, and oversee rider status with ease.

    One-Stop Control Center for Delivery Excellence. Monitor earnings, orders, and status, while efficiently managing available orders. Everything you need, in one place.

  • Rider Status – ON/OFF
  • Earning Summary
  • Order Summary
  • Available Orders
  • Customer Contact

    Order Management

    Simplify order management: track accepted orders, access bills and customer contacts with ease for an efficient delivery workflow

  • Categorized Order
  • Order Status
  • Delivery Location
  • Order Summary
  • Payment Details

    Secure Delivery Verification

    Enhance delivery security with our OTP-based confirmation. Customers provide a unique OTP to confirm delivery accurately and securely.

    Wallet Management

    Riders seamlessly manage earnings, and commissions, and are able to withdraw to a bank account. Access to a transparent transaction history for efficient financial tracking.

    Cash Collection

    Riders collect cash during COD orders, and record transactions seamlessly. Ensure convenience and transparency in cash handling

    Pickup Status Control

    The feature offers enhanced control over the pickup process. With this feature, riders can easily toggle their status between ‘Available’ and ‘Unavailable’ for order pickups.

    Live Tracking and Event Updates

    It allows locating, initiating live tracking for deliveries, and provides live updates, including order confirmations, pickups, ‘out for delivery,’ and order delivered. Ensures smooth communication and transparency.

    Rider Commission Method

    This feature allows riders to personalize commission preferences Percentage per order and fix amount on orders, giving riders control over their earnings

    Admin Panel Features

    Admin Dashboard

    Admin can overview vital statistics with track total orders, access sales analytics, access the complete rider list, obtain a comprehensive list of all branches etc.

    Order Management

    View and manage order specifics, including customer details, order status, payment information, and delivery progress etc.

    Promo Code

    Create and manage discounts using promo codes for customer orders.

    Manage Products

    Add bulk products and organize them into categories for easy navigation and management.

    Manage Branches

    For restaurant chains, offer the capability to efficiently oversee multiple branches and locations, each with its menu, orders, and settings.

    Manage Customers

    Handle customer profiles, wallet balances, and transaction histories effectively.

    Manage Riders

    Add riders from the admin panel and manage their information.

    User Role Management

    Manage user roles, permissions, and access to the system.

    Delivery Service Zone

    It allows administrators to select precise geographical areas for the delivery service. By defining specific zones, ensure that delivery operations are focused and efficient

    Rider Panel

    Rider Dashboard

    Control Centre for managing orders, including pending, delivered, cancelled etc. Track total orders, commissions, and earnings, all in one place.

    Manage Cash Collection

    Record cash collected from customers upon delivery.

    Order Management

    Allow riders to accept or decline pending orders based on availability and review orders assigned to the rider for delivery.

eRestro - Single Vendor Restaurant Flutter App | Food Ordering App with Admin Panel | Web Version - 22

eRestro - Single Vendor Restaurant Flutter App | Food Ordering App with Admin Panel | Web Version - 23

eRestro - Single Vendor Restaurant Flutter App | Food Ordering App with Admin Panel | Web Version - 24