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Elite Quiz - Trivia Quiz | Quiz Game - Flutter Full App + Admin Panel - 14

Elite Quiz - Trivia Quiz | Quiz Game - Flutter Full App + Admin Panel - 17

Elite Quiz - Trivia Quiz | Quiz Game - Flutter Full App + Admin Panel - 18

Elite Quiz - Trivia Quiz | Quiz Game - Flutter Full App + Admin Panel - 18

Elite Quiz - Trivia Quiz | Quiz Game - Flutter Full App + Admin Panel - 19

Elite Quiz - Trivia Quiz | Quiz Game - Flutter Full App + Admin Panel - 20

Elite Quiz - Trivia Quiz | Quiz Game - Flutter Full App + Admin Panel - 22

The Main Quiz [Quiz Zone]

This quiz features multiple-choice questions with categories, subcategories, and levels. Users can use lifelines like 50/50, skip, audience poll, and reset time to help them answer questions and progress through the quiz.

Contest Quiz

A contest quiz involves answering a set of questions to test knowledge or skills, with prizes or recognition awarded to winners. It may require an entry fee and have a set end date or duration.

Group Battle

In this quiz, four players can join and play together by paying a fee. They can use predefined messages to chat and the goal is to answer questions correctly to score points and win the game.

1 vs 1 Battle

The 1vs1 Battle Quiz allows users to compete against others to earn coins that can be converted into cash. It offers two types of battlesRandom and Play with Friends.

Daily Quiz

It will help you to get more engaged with customers daily basis.

Fun ‘N’ Learn

It’s a kind of comprehension that refers to your ability to understand something or your actual understanding of something within a short time period.

Guess Word

Guess the Word is a fun vocabulary game this is a great way to practice reading, Spelling, and reviewing vocabulary all at the same time.

Audio Quiz

Participants listen to audio clips and answer questions based on what they hear, covering various topics.

Math Mania

Math Mania is a math quiz with LaTeX-based questions. It tests participants’ knowledge of concepts such as algebra, calculus, and geometry.

True | False

Fast-paced True/False quiz format using YES/NO questions to test knowledge. Fun and engaging for exploring new topics or reinforcing existing knowledge.

Exam Quiz

Test your knowledge with Exam Quiz. Enter using an exam key and answer questions within a set time limit. Great for academic preparation.


Customizable quiz format allows participants to choose a category, subcategory, number of questions, and time limit. Tailor to specific interests and abilities.

Login & Signup

Sign up or log in quickly with Google, Apple, or your phone number. Easy access to your account, anytime and anywhere.


Check out the global Leaderboard with all-time, monthly, and daily top players. See where you stand and challenge others to beat your score.

Multiple Languages & RTL Support

It supports multiple languages, including Arabic and Hebrew, and RTL text direction. Enjoy quizzes in your preferred language and layout, anywhere in the world.

Light & Dark Theme

Enjoy the quiz app in your preferred style with Light & Dark Themes. Personalize your experience with a theme that suits your mood.

Invite & Earn Coins

Invite friends and earn coins! Share the quiz app and get rewarded for each friend who joins. Start earning coins today!

Badges System

Play quizzes, earn badges, and unlock achievements! Show off your knowledge and progress through various levels with our exciting badge system. Walkthrough

Welcome to our quiz app! Take a quick walkthrough to discover the features, gameplay, and how to maximize your quiz experience. Let’s get started!

Chat Options

Enjoy fun interactions when playing games with pre-set messages and emojis!

Coin Store

Boost your quiz experience with the Coin Store! Purchase coins to unlock more quizzes and enhance your gameplay.Get ready to play and win!

More Screens & Features

  • Wallet Screen
  • Bookmarks
  • Rewards Screen
  • User Statistics
  • Quiz Result
  • Language
  • Notifications
  • Login
  • Logout
  • User Profiles
  • Settings
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • many more…

Powerful Admin Panel Made with CodeIgniter

  • Manage Categories, SubCategories & Category Orders
  • Manage Daily Quiz
  • Manage Fun ‘N’ Learn
  • Manage and View Leaderboard
  • Manage Guess the Word
  • Manage Dynamic Language
  • Manage Contest

System Setting for App
Easily manage configurations, notifications, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions in the admin panel for seamless control. Send Notification

Send targeted or global notifications with images to individuals or entire categories, making your messages impactful and engaging Bulk Import Questions

Effortlessly import questions via CSV file. Fill the provided Excel sheet with your data, simplifying the question creation process.

System Users and Rights

Manage system users and roles. Create secure accounts with password protection, assigning roles such as editor or admin.