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Dynamic Home Page


With our user-centric design and intuitive interface, navigating through property listings and exploring enticing home features has never been easier.

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Property Insight


Dive into detailed property information on the app for a seamless home search experience. Find everything you need to know in one place.


Live Chat & Chat List


The app offers a live chat feature for users to directly connect with property owners or agents and inquire about properties in real-time.


Property View


Here, users can access a 360° view and videos of the property. Additionally. they can find information about the required amenities.


Add Property


Property owners or agents have the option to add their properties through the app, whether they are available for rent or sale.



Property owners or agents can showcase their properties as featured ads, granting them visibility in the dedicated featured section.


Efficient Management of Property


Property owners and agents can efficiently manage their properties through the app, with convenient filtering options to sort based on rental or sale availability.


Location-Based Property Listings


Users can conveniently explore and find properties that are geographically close to their desired area.


Informative Property Articles


Users can access a collection of property articles within the app, providing valuable insights and information on various real estate topics.


Favorite Properties


The app includes a favorite property Feature, enabling users to save and easily access their preferred property listings


Dark & Light Modes


The app offers dual theme support, allowing users to switch between dark and light modes for a personalized visual experience.


Multi-Language Support


The app offers Multi-Language support. allowing users to access the app in their preferred language


RTL (Right-to-Left) Language Support


The app provides RTL support, enabling a seamless User experience for languages that are read from right to left


Powerful Admin Dashboard


Admin gets comprehensive control over customer management and property listings.


Property Management


Admin panel puts the power in your hands, enabling seamless property additions, editing, and deletions. Take charge of your property portfolio with simplicity and efficiency.


Dynamic Property Amenities


Seamlessly enhance your property offerings with dynamic amenities features. easily create and manage facilities through panel.


Property Advertisement Insights


Admin panel provides a comprehensive view of property advertisement details, Including agent’s or property owner’s advertising plans and validations.


Effortless Subscription Management


Admin can effortlessly customize, monitor, and optimize subscription plans, Ensuring a tailored and seamless experience for all users.


Dynamic App Setting


You can enable effortless customization through the admin panel, granting total control over maintenance, updates, payment gateways, firebase settings, and notifications, making app management a breeze.


Role-Based Management


Elevate your admin panel with role-based management, providing granular control and permissions to different user roles. Streamline operations, enhance security, and optimize productivity with ease.